LInea Domani

Linea Domani is a fashion forward company located in Montreal, Canada. They pride themselves on using the finest fabrics, handpicked from France. A unique and very upscale styling distinguishes them from the rest of the pack.

Below is a sampling of some of our new fall items from Linea Domani. Click on any image for a larger view and more information.

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  • 1281109828 DSC00172-11x17001
  • 1281109849 DSC00197-11x17001
  • 1281109873 DSC00275-11x17001
  • 1281109899 DSC00329-11x17001
  • 1281109938 DSC00351-11x17001
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  • 1281110109 DSC09891-11x17001